viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Day 09 - Una canción que te hace bailar.

No puedo evitarlo ... !! Jessie J - Domino.

4 comentarios:

  1. me he enganchado
    he caído


  2. Así me gusta !! Que te enganches a Jessie J !! Take me down like I'm a Domino ...


    It makes me dance...and dance...and sing very bad!!!!

  4. Jajajaja you kill me when I read *..and sing very bad*. Jajajaja !! We need do a duet singing, an example ... "You can never ever leave, without leaving a peace of youtth" or ... "Detroit all my raig I'm still just a rat in a cage" or .. "Can't live for tomorrow.. tomorrow`s much to long" Jajajja you choose the song.

    Is the first time who i listened this song, is so cute !!! I like it.