lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015

Yes, I do

When you first told me that you were getting married i was like: no, you are not. You have always said you would never get married...
But you weren't kidding. And as I relized it a little tear fell from my eye while i was writting you "Are you serious? I'm gonna cry!!!"
That tear meant how proud i was. I mean, u didn't get a degree and u didn't get an award... But it isn't necessary for being happy and proud for someone.
I remember seeing you telling me that the date was so far away...that u didn't how how it all was about to be...
And now it all happened.
You finally chose the most beautiful dress in the shop, you finally sent the invitations, you finally decided where to celebrate it (even if it didn't have horses... It was a beautiful place) you finally bought the jacket that fit perfect with your dress and... You finally said yes.

You always push me towards when I'm about to fall. You always listen to me. You always leave me the seen in whatsapp. You always understand me. You finish all my sentences and you laugh at my bad jokes.
You value me for what I am. I am fucking umbearable and you are still here.
I am so proud of being part of your life and for being your friend.
I am so proud you finally made a new step in your life. I am so proud you finally killed all your fears.
Congratulations. Cause I've seen u together. I have seen pics. I have seen how he looks at you. The way you talk about him... And you couldn't say anything but yes.
Wish you a very happy life for you both.
Thank you for being the way you are.
Much love.