lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

The triumph of a dream

"Hoy hace 25 años del primer concierto de Smashing Pumpkins, y sí toqué el bajo y canté. Ha sido un trayecto loquísimo. Gracias"

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  1. yes, i read it this see girl, 25 years on the road...I was a small baby...very, very small and this man was already playing.....jujujujuuuuuuuuu.

    I'd like to have seen him on their first visits to BCN, with D'arcy, because I never got to see her in concert...sniff snifffff.

    I loved the film!!!!! OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY, we went to Icaria and it's very easy in English, now I'd like to see Moonrise Kingdom, but my boy wants to see EL DICTADOR...I always win....jijijiji.

    There's a concert on Saturday of a Mexican band called Zoé, in case you want to listen to them (I recommend you DEAD and Polly)and 080 BCN fashiona and The Brandery, so I hope to be very busy, because all my friends are working and I'm tired of talking to my cat ang get no answers....

    And my boy is very good at taking pictures, that's why I look thinner but hey, thanks a lot for the compliment and the info of the T-SHIRT (maybe we will be partners in business, hihihi)


    1. Not, really, I follow thinking that you are thinner than the last time I saw you (a pic can't do it ahahaha).

      The other day I dreamed that I was in a music festival, and in the stage there wasn't nobody. But suddenly, appeared in the stage D'arcy and Billy ... I need explain you better the dream, you was in it!.

      I want go to see Moonrise K. too !!!! I was finding to go to see it (If your boy don't want go, I go !!).

      I listened to it Zoe before !! In MTV !, but just one or two songs, they are so good, and they use a lot of instruments !! But ... the sound remember me Alaska's sound !! That's cool, I'm a big fan of Alaska ... you know that they will come to Santa Coloma?????? And the Nancy's !!

      Hope you will enjoy on saturday ! And yes, sometimes I'm tired too. I speak with ZERO also ... and he sleep ... I guess he is not interested in my conversation. And the strange would if the cat answer you .. ahaha poor Lenny.

      (I agree with you about be partners in business hahaahah).

      Kisses and hugs !!!!!!!!! And you, enjoy every moment OF YOUR LIVE.